Havelock John Tucker
A music composer - sharp, sassy & ever stylin’.

Imbued with a sense of reverence surpassed only by a greater sense of irreverence.

Melody so fresh, it comes when you whistle.

Music that turns on a dime or turns on its ear, but never, ever turns on its tail.

Styles from unplugged to electrocuted, from au naturel good taste to hotrodded cut-n-paste.

A bundle of scoring tucked under his belt, both to animated and live-action series.

A bushel of experience building meticulously catalogued and eminently editable music libraries.

Continue to live deep in the woods and deliver unique music around the globe without apology.

Do what it takes to ensure that all experience deep and unprecedented feelings of inner peace come mix day.

Follow and cling to the details of picture like a pitbull on a pantleg.

Flatter, in the sincerest form, just about anything.

Provide fine and consistent music cues through even the most harrowing of deadlines.

Outstanding. Hit music that went far beyond underscoring. We will miss listening to it.
Stephen Hudecki,
Former Music Supervisor